why salt?

Why salt? Salt makes food better. It enhances food. Therefore, it makes everything better. That is why Mr. Salt likes to get salty. So, we all need some salt in our lives. Get salty…

Who is Mr. Salt?

Good question… While pondering about this blog, I tried to think about

what was important to me, Mr. Salt…

There are so many blogs online. I felt that I should be interested in the subject I choose to blog about because that will allow for me to be more engaged, and therefore actually care about what I am blogging about. This will provide for a genuine user experience. (This is what I find many users seek when reading blogs, for their read to be genuine, not staged.)

What first came to mind was the topic of one’s health.

Then what came to mind next was food. I love to eat and I love to cook.

I also love eating local sustainable food. I thought what could I do to integrate all of these facets of my life into a blog that is relevant and that I will enjoy blogging about. I wanted to blog about ‘What’s local, in season, and have an accompanying recipe with a review’. Then I was like wait, it is about to be winter, all the plants are dying. I definitely don’t want to blog about 5 different types of squashes or something like that.

After some more pondering I opened up my fridge and my grandmother had dropped off a snack for me. It was applesauce. My grandmother had gone apple picking [not even kidding] and made applesauce… EUREKA moment! I love apple pie.

So, my first salty blog will be about APPLE PIE and the steps getting to the pie!

Apple pie! A favorite amongst those with sweet teeth. A delectable and delicious dessert. Adding a simple pinch of salt to your pie, provides the means for the apple to reach its full flavor potential. Thanks Nana for the inspiration for this blog!

apple pie, red delicious apple, apple picking, pick your own, get salty
Above is a picture of a Red Delicious apple taken at an orchard in London, Ontario, Canada.

Like I said, I love food and I love cooking… I love eating things that nature provides locally. Practicing sustainability, when possible, is something I appreciate. Not only do things taste better, it is better for the environment, and I also believe that it provides for an appreciation for nature, culture, local customs, changes/patterns in seasons, and last but not least food!

Below is a picture I took during a salty adventure of the Red Delicious section of an orchard in London, Ontario, Canada. red delicious apple orchard London Ontario Canada

Just a preface or “taste” (if you will) of what is to come.

gala apples, apple tree orchard, London, Canada, apple picking

Are you salty?

Feel free to email me your thoughts or leave a comment. And stay tuned for my next post!


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