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So, off to the apple orchard I must go. On a salty adventure one could say… To get some apples, so I can bake an apple pie!

apple tips for picking and storing your fresh apples, apple orchard, london ontario

Upon arrival to the apple orchard I noticed a very informative sign! A sign from the apple gods, perhaps!? Ha!

Apple Tips

According to the apple tips…

  • For maximum eating enjoyment and longest “keeping time” be sure to keep your apples refrigerated. About 34°F is ideal. A garage or porch with constant temperature changes is NOT a good place to store apples.
  • Handle your apples like eggs to avoid bruising.
  • Apples kept under the proper conditions will last a long time!
  • A medium apple contains only 80 calories.
  • Apples have NO fat, cholesterol, or sodium!

So, respect your apples. Be nice to your apples. Help the apple help you.

Below is an image I took of some granny smith apple trees at a local orchard. It was a very nice fall day, with the leaves changing colors and a cool “cripspness” to the air.
granny smith apple trees, orchard london ontario canada
Below is a close up of some granny smith apple trees.
granny smith apple orchard london ontario canada
So, I need to find out what to do with these apples. If I am making a pie, who better to ask than the pros at the orchard? So off I went to ask an apple pro her opinion on the best apple for apple pie making. She gave me a very informative answer. Play the video below to see her comments on the best apple pie!

She was very helpful.

You will see, in my next post, a tour of the orchard. It will be a montage of clips taken with my iPhone and iPad featuring my Canadian and Swedish friends picking apples and frolicking through the orchard.

In a few posts you will see my pie making ability. I love to make apple pies and it will be very apparent in the upcoming posts. I am very excited to make this pie. This pie will bring so many smiles to so many faces.

The most exciting thing I have to note, is the fact that a friend of mine gave me a very special ingredient. A friend of mine that works at McCormicks spice company has the hook up on the best spices in the world. Apparently, it is the oil content of the spice that makes or breaks the flavor. It is the oil volatility. The spice that I have the hook up for is cinnamon. This is supposed to be the best cinnamon in the world. I am so excited to pick it up and put it in my pie! Hopefully I can get it before I bake my pie! It should really enhance the flavor. Along with the pinch of salt!


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